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Greenville Youth Alliance

GYA seeks to provide young adults with volunteer, education, and advocacy opportunities in the Upstate of South Carolina.

All our volunteers from our first volunteer day!


We’re currently working on the GYA Youth Civics Project. This will be a volunteer and advocacy program over the next fiscal year which will encourage young people to learn more about and advocate for affordable housing in Greenville.¬†

If you’re interested in participating, become a member now and you’ll stay up to date on the YCP and everything else we do.

If you’re an organization in Greenville, SC who has volunteer needs or wants to partner with us, please contact us.


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Our Programs

We're currently running three departments: the Education Department, the Advocacy Department, and the Volunteering Department. We're also running the Youth Civics Project. Click to learn more!

About Us

GYA is a nonpartisan, civic, advocacy, and education organization. We were founded in 2020 by Davis Summer and Olivia Peck. We work to help get young people involved with our community and local government.

Get Involved

GYA is currently operating the Youth Civics Project. This combines our three departments into a project with a focus on affordable housing. Become a member and stay up to date with the YCP!

All our volunteers from our first volunteer day!