Greenville Youth Alliance is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. 

EIN: 86-3823643

As a nonprofit, we have to rely on support from individuals to stay afloat. Please, donate today and help usher in a new generation who will get things done.

Greenville Youth Alliance works to provide young adults in the Upstate of SC with with increased avenues of civic engagement through advocacy, education, and volunteering.

You can read more about us here. You can make a one time or monthly donation via PayPal.

Right now your donation will mainly go to web and program development. Our website, and it’s add-ons, aren’t free. In addition to this, we’re maintaining the GYA Education Center Course Program, which is an online hub of lessons on local government and advocacy. As we prep for the coming year and get ready to advocate for the causes people chose, we’ll have to cover costs such as printing, software, etc.

We’re currently working on the GYA Youth Civics Project. This will be a volunteer and advocacy program over the next fiscal year which will encourage young people to learn more about and advocate for affordable housing in Greenville.

Your money is always safe in our hands and will be put to good use to help our community.

All our volunteers from our first volunteer day!