Mission, Vision, Values

Mission:Greenville Youth Alliance works to provide young adults in the Upstate of SC with with increased avenues of civic engagement through advocacy, education, and volunteering.

Vision: To coordinate young leaders to increase civic engagement among 13-21 year olds, to help mold better citizens, and to create a community for change in Greenville, SC.

Values: The five core values of Greenville Youth Alliance are Community, Respect, Inclusivity, Collaboration, and Compassion.

As we work to increase civic engagement, we will always prioritize community building and improvement. We understand the value and impact a community can have, and we want to create a better community – a community which includes all.


The importance of respect is immeasurable. GYA recognizes this and will always act with respect to our members, stakeholders, and other community members


Community and respect demand inclusion. Our community must be one which includes everyone – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, politics, religion, and so on. We do not discriminate.


To build a community and increase civic engagement, we will work to collaborate with other nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations in our community.


To effectively advocate for change and ensure that the affected communities voices are at the center of our work, compassion will be practiced at all times. We will listen, hear, and incorporate the voices of the less fortunate and marginalized.