Mission, Vision, Values

Short Mission: Greenville Youth Alliance’s mission is to get young people civically engaged, educated, and energized in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Long Mission: Greenville Youth Alliance’s mission is to provide young adults in the Upstate of South Carolina with with increased avenues of civic engagement through youth-led projects and programs, as well as to create a model for application in other communities to increase youth civic engagement and education. 

Vision: GYA’s vision is a community of youth leaders working to increase civic engagement, a community of educated and impactful citizens, and a community for change in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Values: The four core values of Greenville Youth Alliance are Community, Respect, Inclusivity, and Collaboration.

While we work to get more young people civically involved, we are also building a community. This community extends past GYA’s target demographics or members. It is a community of Upstate folks who are dedicated to making change – it is a community for change. 


In any interaction, the importance of respect cannot be understated. GYA will always act with the upmost respect for our fellow humans.


A community has to be built on a strong basis, which includes everyone. There is no place for exclusions in a respectful, civilized community. 


We can’t do this alone. We recognize and understand this, and we’re dedicated to working together with individuals, organizations, governments, and any other people/groups that can help us succeed in our mission.