What We Do

The GYA Youth Civics Project

The GYA YCP is our main project for the 2022 Fiscal Year. This will have youth being engaged members of their community through education, advocacy, and volunteer work – all with a focus on affordable housing. You can become a member here to take part, read more about the project here, and donate here to help us keep the YCP afloat.

GYA Courses

The GYA Education Center hosts a series on local government, talking about what local government is, how it works on a county level, and more. Click below to start learning more, and become a member to get access to courses on advocacy and more (currently works in process)!

GYA Advocacy Department

The GYA Advocacy Department is in charge of our work on Emergency Community Services, the Youth County Council, and more. To learn more about these advocacy efforts, or to learn more about advocacy work as a whole, you can become a member to be the first to get access to our online advocacy courses.